Web Series

While not everything which I have produced for the internet is still available, a not insignificant amount is, and much of that is serialized. The series I have produced which I find to be the most significant are listed here.

Lost in Reach was a Halo: Reach machinima series I wrote and directed starting with the game’s multiplayer in May 2010. It essentially consisted of some friends and I doing…stuff. Its first two seasons were light on plot, with its incomplete third season essentially acting as a salvage operation before personal matters brought the series to an unfortunate cliffhanger ending in 2015.

In between production of the first and second seasons of Lost in Reach, I produced Recovery, the first (and to my knowledge only) full-length Halo 3: ODST machinima series which has collectively garnered tens of thousands of views cumulatively over each of its nine episodes. It was basically the same story as the game’s campaign mode, but, once again, with my friends and I inserted. Despite some praise it gets, I do not look back on this series fondly. Characters are flat, the cinematography and editing are simply atrocious (likely because of engine limitations compounded by a lack of experience; I was 15), the story is shamelessly derivative, and its ending was poorly executed in every regard. I only list it here because of its relative success and status.

The Backlog was a video game review show I produced which focused on games I owned but had not played (i.e. my backlog of games). Its first season, which took several cues from progenitors and codifiers of the online video review genre, was uploaded to my own personal channel, while its second season, which focused more on the game being critiqued than on sketches or gimmicks, was posted to SNAPT Films.