About Me

31948339_10156351907472661_6666186390427926528_nMy name is Andrew Bluett, I am a Cinema Studies major at the University of Central Florida, and I have been producing web content for more than a decade, mostly YouTube videos of varying genre and quality, including machinima, let’s plays, podcasts, video game reviews, and video essays. In that time, I’ve found myself spending more and more time on the writing process; developing characters, crafting worlds, and along the way improving my craft.

While pinning down particular genres which I enjoy is nothing short of difficult, especially when it comes down to sub-genres and cross-genres, I know my influences. Doctor Who, for its ability to explore any setting, any time, any subject matter (particularly the audio dramas); Fallout, notably the first two and New Vegas, for their moral ambiguity and examination of the human condition; The Simpsons, for its groundbreaking meta-commentary on the nuclear family as presented on television for decades up to that point combined its timeless humor; Scrubs, for its incredible blend of character, comedy, and drama while never losing its grip on reality; BoJack Horseman, for realistically portraying a person suffering from depression and making the viewer want to see him succeed even if he is unlikable; Cowboy Bebop, for its breathtaking visual storytelling and masterful use of music to carry the cast through their respective reconciliations with their own pasts; the list goes on, and on, and on…

I tend to write articles on this site, short stories, scripts, and the occasional essay. My services are available to those who inquire, as well. Just contact me here, or send an email to abluett@andrewbluett.com with additional details, and I will respond within a few days!