Lost in Reach

Running from 2010 to 2015, Lost in Reach was a Halo: Reach machinima series which began its life in the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta. Its first season, consisting of four episodes, was originally intended to showcase the new features and game modes being introduced in the then-upcoming installment in the Halo franchise, but in hindsight it really does not come across that way. It starred myself and two of my friends as ourselves as we hop into the upcoming title’s beta build and explore the new amenities we have to look forward to in the future.

Its second season, which ran from Spring 2011 to Autumn 2012, featured and expanded cast and a plot revolving which initially revolved around internet trolls infesting and diluting the Xbox Live gaming experience. This was around the time I started steeping myself into internet meme culture and as such it has not aged well in the least bit. On top of this, after several episodes were produced and posted, technical issues caused an extended hiatus. I decided that, as penance for the long wait, I would rewrite the season’s ending to open up to a third season. The character of Nick would be possessed by an ancient evil and begin initiating plans for universal domination.

Following a late Christmas special featuring the character/my friend Jesse in March 2013, Season 3 began that May with a further reduction of cast members than what the previous season’s finale had put in place. Andrew (the version of myself whom I played on the show) returned to Reach separated from Connor, an ally who seems to know more than he lets on about the evil force Xanadu, with the goal of reuniting with his friends and finding an ancient sword which can slay their enemy.

Season 3 would feature ties to David McLaughlin’s Paradox Tales, including that series’ antagonist, Trench, appearing as a supporting antagonist and setting the two series in the same universe. McLaughlin served as executive producer on Season 3, and Xanadu’s origins would be developed by my friend Nick, who had played himself on the show since the first season.

The third season ultimately was a salvage job with little to actually salvage. While I am mostly proud of my work on the show in certain regards (visually effects, writing, and, in some cases, cinematography), various factors contributed to the series being abruptly canceled halfway through its third season, in February 2015.