Reveal: “Reel Life”

Over the past few years, I have been working diligently on a new project. A new web series to be made using Grand Theft Auto V as a canvas. Something far removed from what I had done in the past using various Halo games. It was going to be character-driven, and everything about it would be inspired by personal experience and come from the heart.

I’ve been relatively quiet about it publicly, though I have mentioned it several times on Twitter with a certain hashtag. But behind the scenes, I’ve been ardently refining everything about it. While I do not think it is by any means perfect, I am confident that everything is now at a state where I can finally unveil it.

Reel Life.

Project Image for Casting Call
Placeholder title card for early version of the opening titles, circa May 2017.

What’s It About?

James Greene

Reel Life is about James Greene, a professional filmmaker in his late twenties living in Los Angeles whose reputation has been in a downward spiral. He’s made some poor career moves in the past few years, one of them being a multi-picture deal with a disreputable studio that has resulted in several direct-to-DVD garbage fires over which James had little control in very hostile work environments.

In order to pay his rent, James attempts to sell a new, low-cost, low-risk screenplay to practically any studio that will buy it, with the intention of also directing it. But with his reputation in the gutter, and no shortage of wannabe writers and directors in Hollywood, James will be facing an uphill battle to make it back to…well, maybe not the top, but somewhere in the middle.

But he’s not alone. Serena Matthews, an old high school TV classmate of James’ and a filmmaker on the rise in the mainstream. As she tries to give James advice whenever possible, she is tirelessly working on her third feature film, and her first passion project funded by a major studio, Birds of a Feather.

Producing Serena’s film is another old classmate, Jennifer Davis, who, in an attempt to prove her worth to executives and the Good Ol’ Boys of Tinsel Town, has developed a cutthroat attitude in her professional conduct. While this strains her friendship of over a decade with Serena, her demeanor around James is quite pleasant and helpful, offering to help him in his pursuits in any way she can. Work permitting, of course.

Starring in Birds of a Feather is one of James’ closest friends in LA, Ethan Jackson, an English actor in his mid-thirties and a major draw at the box office. Despite his ego at times and his seemingly extravagant lifestyle, Ethan is disenfranchised with the idea of celebrity, and treasures the more personal bond he shares with James as a true friend.

And rounding out the main cast is Eddie Rhodes, a construction worker with aspirations of being an actor. Having met James through an online ad for a roommate when the burgeoning filmmaker was moving to California, he allowed James to crash on his couch for a few months before he could get on his feet. Though he can be a bit of a goof, Eddie is a truly attentive and down-to-Earth person whose loyalty knows no bounds. A night in with James and Ethan, to him, is all he needs after a long day.

When Is It Coming?

The short answer: soon…ish.

The first season is going to consist of eight half-hour episodes, each of which has been clearly defined and outlined for several months now. The pilot is currently in the pre-lay stage, which means that all of the voice actors have recorded and sent in their lines and they are currently being laid out onto an editing track in sequence.

I’m aiming to have the pilot online by the end of April, but due to current circumstances in my personal life, I have not been able to really work on the show much these past couple weeks or so.

Rest assured, however, that the show is coming. I have been pouring my heart and soul into it over the past three years and am determined to share it with the world.

And so here, every Wednesday on this site, I will provide a progress update or some new details about the show, whether it be casting, screenshots, summaries, character bios, whatever.

Until then, stay gold



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