“You Ever Wonder Why We’re Here?”

“It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries, isn’t it?”

Much like yourself, I am also questioning why I’m on a free WordPress site writing about something that most people would ultimately find pointless at best and self-flagellating at worst.

Well, I’m the one doing the writing, but you get the idea.

Who are you?

I suppose I should take this first post/article as an opportunity to introduce myself: my name is Andrew Bluett, but online I’ve gone by both naetle07 and LordDrubie. I was born in Philadelphia, moved to Florida when I was a kid, and life’s been a bit of a roller-coaster ever since.

Without getting bogged down in the details, I love writing. I believe that the written word is one of the most powerful forms of expression that humanity has cultivated. Through writing, we as a species have kept records of history for thousands of years; shared stories around the globe without having to rely on the storyteller not forgetting details through verbal communication; made declarations of secession from tyrannical leaderships; and expanded the minds of those who take the time to read it all.

I wouldn’t say I want to specifically be a writer, though. I feel that my prose is rough and vocabulary not far beyond that of a secondary educational level. I actually want to get into film and television, writing scripts for movies and TV shows. And I’ve been doing as much for multiple web series of my own making on YouTube. Some I’m proud of (Lost in Reach Season 3, Second OpinionThe Backlog), others not so much (RecoverySector 8Lost in Reach Seasons 1 and 2). And while I certainly don’t want to stop writing/producing web shows (something I’ll be talking about on this site frequently, I assure you), there are some things I want to write about without taking the time to turn it into a video.

As opposed to making an analytical video about a subject, writing an article is far less time consuming and restrictive when it comes to content. Whereas an episode of Second Opinion–in which I discuss a relevant topic in pop culture in a way that I feel provides a perspective that is lacking in representation in the wider culture–could take a couple days or so to write, record, edit, render, and upload, stopping at just writing takes much less time, generally speaking.

What’s this all about?

Simply put, this site will be acting as 1) a way for me to express myself through critical review/analysis of media (video games, TV shows, movies, etc.); 2) a place where I can vent about personal struggles; 3) a platform for sharing original short stories I’ve had fluttering about in my head for awhile, as well as showcasing my portfolio; and 4) an opportunity to write more consistently and improve at the same time.

That’s all just the barest of details, though. Sometimes I’ll be posting more introspective and self-deprecating/self-critical write-ups. My goal is to post at least one article here every day for the next year (from January 19, 2018 to January 19, 2019). Doesn’t matter what I post, as long as what I post has purpose. No beating myself up for the sake of it. All criticisms and analyses must be constructive in nature. Basically, no fluff.

So that’s all there is to it, then?

Like I said, this is all just the barest of details. There’s a great deal I’ve left out of this introductory entry so as to not overwhelm you, dear reader, with information which may be irrelevant at the current moment. There’s a lot I could say about myself, here and now, good and bad, but I’d rather leave this where it is now and expand upon various goings on, thoughts, and emotions through writing later.

But between you and me, it’s not all going to be sunshine and rainbows.

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